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Bee Cause as its name is defining the result and reason of honey bees. Bee Cause is a honey-based company, which only deals in the healthiest and natural sweetener on the earth i.e Honey.

The parent company of Bee Cause is Eternal Health Care Inc. The founder of Eternal Health care inc is MR. J.S.Pannu who is a Marathon runner and fitness enthusiastic. Our organization’s vision is to provide all ranges of honey-based superfoods in natural/unadulterated form to achieve the richness of healthy living. To enjoy a fruitful life we all need a healthy physical and mental body mechanism to achieve it. We need balanced and rich nutritional value and our product can give that to the consumers.

To get balanced and rich nutritional value our body needs energy in the form of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, protein, fat acids, etc. Eternal Health Care Inc is trying  its best to provide these essentials via natural superfoods. Bee Cause is natural honey that can boost the overall energy requirement of body on daily basis.

As there is a saying

Healthy mind stays in a healthy body

Bee Cause natural multiflora honey is completely unadulterated and unprocessed honey that is harvested from the jungles of Shivalik hills. Shivalik hills are filled with more than 100 types of flowers and herbs. Our bees collect the pollen from these essential flowers and herbs and produce natural superfoods in the form of honey. Our sister concerned Beekeeping facility Akaal Bee farm manages to harvest honey from various parts of India in the form of various nectars.

Honey should be made a part of our daily diet

Honey is the only substance on the planet earth that has a chemical composition very close to the human blood, you change few things then it is almost like blood – Sadhguru

Honey is one of the best things you can consume for psychological stability, physical wellbeing, vitality – Sadhguru

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